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This Autumn’s successful re-start

All groups are now meeting or are planning to re-start in the New Year. Eight are on Zoom, but the remaining groups now meet face to face with Covid Safety measurers in place. Hybrid meetings, offering both zoom and face to face, are being introduced and will be increased as groups familiarise themselves with the technology.

We are planning to introduce new groups so please get in touch with the Groups Coordinator if you have ideas for groups you would like to see us starting

Indoor Meetings Covid-19 Convenor's Checklist Sep 2021

U3A News

NEW: What the Romans did for us : a talk given to the History Group by David Hughes.

NEW: Monthly Meeting talk for November 2021 now available.

New Group : Cycling Group

NEW - Situations Vacant

U3A National Newsletter - November

Zoom Meetings this week

Coronavirus Information

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