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Wales remains at Alert Level 2 but a phased move to Alert Level 1 is possible over the next review period.

First Minister's Statement 4th June 2021

From 7 June

  • Regulated events allowed outdoors with up to 10,000 people seated or up to 4,000 people standing (subject to risk assessment)

  • Extended households can be formed between 3 households

  • Up to 30 people can meet in any outdoor area, including private gardens, public spaces and outdoor regulated premises such as cafes, restaurants and bars.

What you must do at alert level 2

  • follow social distancing rules with people you don’t live with or who aren’t in your exclusive extended household

  • wear a face covering (unless you have a reasonable excuse not to wear a face covering) in all indoor public places

  • not meet with anyone in a private home other than those you live with or your exclusive extended household

  • meet no more than 5 other people indoors at a café, restaurant or other open premises (unless with your household of a larger number)

  • meet no more than 5 other people outdoors or in private gardens (unless with your household of a larger number)

  • work from home if you can

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Zoom Video Conferencing

Group meetings via Zoom are available to convenors using paid-for licences. This enables meetings to continue beyond the 40 minute limit available to the free version.

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