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NEW : Recording of First World War and the North Sea
Talk to the History Group by Les Hales 20/01/2021

New Items on the 'Of Interest' page 09/01/2021

Message from Third Age Trust Sam Mauger (CEO) and Ian McCannah (Chair) 05/01/2021

Digital Inclusion - Welsh Government report 10/12/2020

Recording of 'Elizabethan Spies : Fact & Fiction'
Talk to the History Group by Philip Stewart 06/01/2021

Recording of 'The Life of Rasputin'
16/12/2020 Talk to the History Group by Truda Bell

December Monthly Meeting - View the recording

Zoom Meetings this week

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Travel News - Wales

Scam Busting

31/07/2020 19/06/2020

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