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AGM - Online Meeting(s) for the Discussion of Reports

One or more meetings will be arranged using the Zoom facility. The first of these will be on Thursday 12th November at 14:00.

As this facility requires Internet access, only members with email addresses held by Cardiff U3A will receive an invitation to register online.

Up to 90 members plus the Committee will be able to attend. The meeting will be recorded and should more than 90 members wish to connect to the meeting, they will be invited to view the recording or to ask for a further meeting to be held.

The meeting will not vote on resolutions and is for discussion only. Members will be invited to submit questions or state areas of concern in advance of the meeting, although questions will be taken at the meeting itself.

Opting Out of U3A Publications

Members of Cardiff U3A receive automatically our monthly Newsletter, our twice-yearly Magazine and, from the Third Age Trust, a magazine "Third Age Matters".

If you do not wish to receive any or all of these publications, you can opt out of receiving them by letting the Membership Secretary know.

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