Circle Dance

Contact: Pat Adams

Circle Dance is accessible, varied, good exercise, fun and open to everyone. We dance to all kinds of music, you don’t need a partner and each dance is taught.

This past year the group has danced to many different genres of music, both classical and modern, traditional and popular, from many countries including France, Israel and Greece, Bulgaria and Ireland. New rhythms and step patterns have become familiar – from a bouncy walk to a flowing grapevine, a limping slip step to a lyrical waltz – in different moods from playful to meditative, energetic to graceful, and many others.

The group meets from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m, in the Vestry, Tabernacle, in the Hayes. [Map]

New members are always welcome.

If you are interested and want to know more, please contact the group leader.

For more information about the international network of circle dancers, visit the and about circle dance in Cardiff, visit the Circle Dance in Cardiff Facebook page.

Everyone was new to circle dance at the beginning but now this is what some members say about it:

  • “Circle dancing is fun and something anyone can pick up."

  • "It is a great way to keep physically fit and supple. It also gives me an emotional lift through listening to beautiful music and participating in an enjoyable social activity. The music is so melodious – not loud – it helps to relax and move in time.”

  • “Something wonderful happens as we progress as one in a circle to beautiful folk music of the world.”

  • “Some of these dances take me into another world – very meditative and transporting.”

  • “Addictive! My favourite U3A group, lovely music, great company and good variety of dances.”

  • “Circle dance exercises the parts of the body I didn’t know I had! Good for core strength and muscle tone – and fun!”

  • “Exercising the mind and body while having FUN!”

  • “The group atmosphere is friendly and non-judgemental.”