Computer Group

This Group is meeting via Zoom as per the calendar below - please contact facilitator.

Facilitator: David Harrison

House of Lords Report : Beyond Digital: Planning for a Hybrid World

Digital Inclusion - Welsh Government report 10/12/2020

We meet every fortnight on a Thursday from 2:00 – 3:30pm in the United Reform Church, Windsor Place, CF10 3BZ [Map]. The room has a large display screen and flip chart for presentations and discussions. Group size is about 15 with a wide range of experience, skills and knowledge. You must have an email account and be using it to take part in the group.

Digital Technologies are to be found in nearly every aspect of modern life and the aim of the Group is to help members understand and use their digital devices (including computers), and particularly those connected to the Internet, more confidently.

We try to encourage a friendly, relaxed and sociable atmosphere. Whilst each meeting has a structure, the intention is to foster a sharing of knowledge and experience. Each session starts with “Boot Up” where matters arising from the previous meeting are discussed. Good news and success stories are always welcomed in this slot, together with problems and queries. We then might have a “Gear Guide” where members talk about new technology they’ve just acquired, or “What’s IT all about” where technology is explained. The use of social media, especially Facebook, regularly crops up, and in “Apps Galore” new applications for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops could be examined and discussed.

Each meeting finishes with a presentation on a topic which in the past have included Broadband speed checks for the home; security issues including scams; the use of Ad Blockers and password management software; which browser and search engine to use; how the Internet works; or the use of digital photography, or family history software.

David maintains a separate web site - Thought grazing - dedicated to matters IT. There are two options :