Music Appreciation

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Contact: Lynne Plummer

The music Appreciation Group usually holds its meetings at the City United Reform Church in Windsor Place, [Map] every month on a Wednesday afternoon starting at 1.30 pm and finishing about 3.00 pm. The venue has to change occasionally due to events at the Church, so notice is always given as to the date and place of the meeting. It’s in theCalendar on this page and in Newsletter as well. It is always specified in the email you’d be sent if you sign up to the group as a member, which comes a week or 10 days in advance of the next meeting.

The talks are as varied as we can make them, given by members of the group or by visitors, often students from the Royal Welsh College who can demonstrate their instruments and give us a short recital. There is no formality to our meetings and all your suggestions are gratefully received. Be reassured that no musical qualifications are needed to enjoy our talks!

New members are made most welcome.