Pamela Earls

Mario Greening writes:

Pam Earls was a long standing and popular member of Bus Pass Thursday. She took part in the vast majority of our trips; her first was to the Rhondda Heritage Park in January 2017 and the last to Cowbridge in February 2020 before the Covid lockdown. One member knew her as 'pretty hair' due to her soft and natural hair, just, she says, like Pam.

The few trips she did miss were due to a problem with her heels; Plantar Fascitis which made walking very painful. She however bravely overcame the effects for our trips as they sometimes involved a fair amount of walking, and she did not want to miss our days out.

Born and bred in Cardiff on the 22nd of September 1944, she sadly passed away on the 25th of October 2020 aged just 76 after a short illness.

Pam greatly missed her late husband and her two sons who now both live in Australia, and travelled to spend several weeks with them every year.

Pam was a keen supporter of Cardiff City football club, rivalled only by her adoration of Elvis about whom she could talk at length. Talking at length did however lead to her and a friend arriving at the wrong castle on one of our trips; but that is a story better told at another time!

Pam was vivacious, kind and caring and possessed a great sense of humour along with a very positive outlook on life. She will be missed by many of her friends within the group when we are able once more to resume our activities.

Mario Greening

Convenor, Bus Pass Thursday

Pamela Jean Earls (née Gunning)

22-09-1944 — 25-10-2020

Pam was a well-liked and respected member of Bus Pass Thursday and the Sunday Lunch Groups and will be remembered meeting and greeting at Meet the Groups etc.

Pam was born and bred in Cardiff along with her brother and sister. She married Andy and they had two sons Andrew and Carl along with five grandchildren. Pam lost her husband Andy and her sons and their families now reside in Australia. Pam’s final visit to Australia was in 2019 for the wedding of her granddaughter, little did they realise this would be her last visit.

Pam died very suddenly at UHW after a short illness leaving a devastated family who because of Covid could not even return to the UK for her funeral.

Some of the many reminiscences they have are:

· Pam’s love of Elvis Presley - she broke her heart when he died

· Meeting Billy Fury

· Loved the Beatles

· Miss Spiller’s in the 60’s

· Having tea with PM James Callaghan

· Getting people’s life story from them within seconds

· Talking at length about Blair, Trump and Brexit

· Sending parcels of goodies to Australia

· Cups of tea and bacon sandwiches

· Fantastic dancer, she and her late husband used to stand in for teachers when they were on holiday.

· Served at the bar in Ninian Park - Mel Charles asked her out

· Student of the year at Secretarial College

· A dab hand at decorating

· Splott girl and proud to be so

· Laughing over old times

· A great listener to her family and others

· She once worked for MIND when she kept a girl on the phone who was contemplating suicide. This incident had a big impact on her life

Some of the descriptions of Pam from both her family and friends make a wonderful legacy - beautiful, bubbly personality, caring, generous, gentle, good sense of humour, great listener, intelligent, kind, positive, vibrant and vivacious.

I was shocked to find out about Pam’s death on a Facebook site called Cardiff Chatterbox where her son had let people know. Pam was not easily recognised on there when she used her grandmother’s maiden name and showed a picture of Elvis Presley. I then managed to contact her son Andy who has compiled lots of anecdotes. I suppose this is social media at its best!!

Shelagh Passey

Convenor, Sunday Lunch Group