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Quiz Questions for Week Beginning 10th March 2021

No prizes, just a bit of fun. Answers On Wednesday 17th March 2021

1. What is the name of the famous hat that originated in Ecuador?

2. Which large south-east Asian country turns its flag upside down in times of war?

3. What is the well-known Malay word for "person of the forest"?

4. Which famous fictional character had a brother named Mycroft?

5. Name the two countries in the world that have a square flag. One point for each correct answer.

6. Thunder Child is a doomed Royal Navy ship in a famous novel and the title of a song on a popular 1978 album. The title of the novel and the album are the same. What is it?

7. What are 'beliebers'?

8. What is both a man's first name and the Greek root for 'cut'?

9. The name for which fruit stems from the suffering Christ endured during his crucifixion?

10. Issued in 1840, what were the names given to the first two postage stamps in the world? One point for each correct answer.

11. Who were once known as 'The Detours' and 'The High Numbers' in the early 1960s?

12. Up, Down, Charm, Strange, Top and Bottom are all examples of what?

13. In World War One the Allies fought against the so called Central Powers. The Central Powers consisted of three empires and one kingdom. Can you name them? One point for each correct answer.

14. Beer, True Lover's, Granny, Monkey's Fist, Pratt, Fireman's, Alpine Butterfly, Corned Beef, Englishman's and Cat's Paw are all examples of what?

15. In which two films did Paul Newman play the role of Eddie Felson?

16. In a farewell address, which US President first warned Americans of the possible "misplaced power" of the new military-industrial complex?

17. Which Australian tennis player won a record six mens singles titles at the Australian Open during the 1960s?

18. The following are the last lines to which famous novels? One point for each correct answer.

a. "........ it is a far, far better rest I go to than I have ever known."

b. "He was borne away by the waves and lost in darkness and distance."

c. "Tomorrow, I'll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day."

19. Although the distinction lasted less than 25 years, which country was both the second largest and second most populated country in Europe in 1771?

20. The Loco Motion, Don't Bring Me Down, Pleasant Valley Sunday, I'm Into Something Good, One Fine Day, Chains, Some Kind Of Wonderful, Take Good Care Of My Baby and Crying In The Rain were all mega-hits for various artists. Which woman wrote or co-wrote them all?

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