Weekly Quiz - Answers

Quiz and Answers for week ending 25th November

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1. Why did many radio stations around the world observe two minutes of silence in late July, 1937?

2. Which word meaning uproarious is derived from the nickname that was given to the psychiatric institution The Hospital of St. Mary of Bethlehem in London?

3. Which two Disney 'characters' appear in the Bond film Diamonds Are Forever?

4. Why did many Americans turn off their lights for one minute on the 21st of October 1931?

5. Robert, Aurore, Apple, White, Mornay, Ivory and Reform are all examples of what?

6. Burnt at the stake 18th March 1314, Jacques de Molay was the 23rd and last what?

7. In song, which famous historical figure precedes the following words?

a. ... plays the mamba, listen to the radio

b. ... read a book on Marx

c. ... do you remember the bills you have to pay

d. ... tried to make that town his own

8. Many people considered FBI director J. Edgar Hoover a shady character. Hoover once ordered his aides to watch their step and not do what?

9. Which large vehicle is also a name for Krishna meaning 'Lord of the Universe'?

10. Which frightening 1963 film set in Bodega Bay has no music score?

11. Calipee is used to make which slow food?

12. Why were there no registered births or deaths in England on September 3rd 1752?

13. Citizens of which country coined the term 'Molotov Cocktail' or 'Molotov Bread Basket' to describe their incendiary weapon used against the Soviets in 1939?

14. Which slightly amusing character breaks Bond's little finger in the film Live and Let Die?

15. Which of the following is a theory in physics?

a. Schrödinger's dog

b. Schrödinger's Cat

c. Schrödinger's butterfly

16. A question to chew on. What is the name of the famous department store in Moscow?

17. The Bridge of Sighs in Venice connected the Doge's palace with what?

a. a state prison and place of execution

b. a tax office

c. a cemetary

d. a Turkish bath house

18. Which street in London takes its name from a croquet-like game once played by Charles I ?

19. Which actor played the role of King Arthur in the film version of the musical Camelot?

20. It has been said that residents of which European capital city never sleep?

1. A tribute to Marconi after his death.

2. Bedlam

3. Bambi and Thumper. (The two female bodyguards)

4. A tribute to Edison on the day of his funeral.

5. Sauces.

6. Grand Master of the Knights Templar. Or 'last Templar'.

7. Four answers

a. Marconi (We Built This City)

b. Lenin (American Pie)

c. President Nixon (Young Americans)

d. Al Capone (The Night Chicago Died)

8. Step on his shadow.

9. Juggernaut

10. The Birds

11. Turtle soup

12. There was no September 3rd 1752. The British government adopted the Gregorian calendar. It was decreed that the day following September 2nd 1752 should be called September 14.

13. Finland

14. Tee Hee

15. b. Schrödinger's cat

16. GUM

17. a. A state prison and place of executin

18. Pall Mall

19. Richard Harris

20. Madrid