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15-01-2020 Committee Minutes added

13-01-2020 Update of Committee Membership

01-01-2020 Home Page : Update on Bus Passes for Over-60s

27-12-2019 January Newsletter published

22-12-2019 Free Fit Bit course added to the Of Interest page

28-11-2019 Links to Beacon training documents added for the Members' Portal and Online Joining

25-11-2019 History Group - Congress of Vienna Talk

25-11-2019 Home Page - new item on Independent Examiner

19-11-2019 Changes to Committee Membership and Roles on Committee and Contacts pages

04-11-2019 New Page showing external items of interest

04-11-2019 New Page for Convenors

17-09-2019 New page for German group


04-01-2020 Some updates to Group pages and to add in information about taster sessions

10-12-2019 Updated the 'About Us' page to be clearer

07-12-2019 Modified Enquiries Form installed

25-11-2019 Pages updated from December Newsletter

24-10-2019 Changed layout of Contacts page

19-10-2019 Main Calendar amended to show topic as well as group name (where topic has been entered on Beacon)

09-10-2019 Many pages updated to remove links to Public Calendar in favour of group calendars