Situations Vacant

Want to Get Involved or Help Out?

This page contains details of volunteer posts within Cardiff U3A which are either currently vacant or will become so at the next Annual General Meeting.

Some posts are Officers as defined in the Constitution of the Cardiff U3A and the holder takes a place on the Executive Committee whilst others are posts the Committee has found to be useful additions to the formal Officer posts and may not necessarily be committee posts.


The Treasurer is the member of the committee responsible for handling the financial affairs of the u3a in accordance with the u3a’s governing document (Constitution), the wishes of the committee and charity legislation.

This post will become vacant at the next Annual General Meeting in November 2021 as the current post holder will have completed her time in office. However, as with all posts, a handover period where an interested member can work with the existing Treasurer to learn the role is both useful and very important.

IF you would like to discuss this with the Treasurer, please email to

Read the full Role Description here