Of Interest

This page contains items of possible interest to members. They are derived from contacts received by Cardiff U3A from other organisations or individuals who are seeking to advertise or to gain assistance. The Cardiff U3A in no way endorses or recommends any of these items.

Request from BBC Radio Wales Producer

You may be able to help/suggest people who may be interested in chatting with me about this new BBC Radio series that I will be recording in the Spring/Summer and will be broadcast in July this year. I am making the radio series through One Tribe http://www.onetribetv.co.uk/ and this is the very early planning stage.

Outline of the series:

In April, I was 60. One of the first things I did was to get my bus pass (I see on your website you have updated people on the new bus pass). I queued in the library as the website was down and when I eventually got to the counter, the girl, though very professional and good at her job, made massive assumptions about me that made me want to explode. She asked if I was planning some cream teas in Penarth and some nice little day trips’, and that was where the idea came from. To her, I was just a 60 year old woman, an ‘old lady’, easy to categorize and dismiss. Hang on a minute…you have no idea what I, and people my age have done and continue to do. We travelled overland to India ( pre-Sat Nav, mobiles, email, Rough Guides), lived on Kibbutz, saw the Sex Pistols first gig in Manchester, camped out at Greenham etc etc. We really were frontier people and this generation have no idea just what we managed to achieve and the scrapes we got ourselves into. In many ways we did things that many of them would never or could never do.

About me:

I’ve made 3 radio documentaries for BBC Radio Wales, Trust me I’m Your Barber (about a group of barbers preventing male suicide), Colin Jackson 25 years a winner (celebrating his world breaking record), Bauhaus: Design for Life (celebrating 100 years of Bauhaus and it’s relevance to people in Wales today). I pitched the series idea Bus Pass Chat last year and got the commission. The BBC Radio Wales audience is 55+ and this series is a celebration of ‘our gang’, delivered through getting out our bas passes, getting on a bus and chatting. It is not an interview situation, rather a chat. Each programme will have me in conversation with 3 different people on 3 different buses going to 3 different locations. Each programme is themed, linking the people and the stories.

Ali Kedge

07903 934588


Global Gardens Project

Hello I am involved in Global Gardens Project, a community garden project and we are having a community build over the next 2-3 months, building a kitchen/classroom in collaboration with an architect and carpenter. Perhaps this could be of interest to current students of the U3A interested in getting involved in a community build project? We are particularly interested in making links with people with carpentry/building experience. Contact Poppy at soilandclay@gmail.com or on 07920021893


Computer Users : from information provided by a member of the Computer Group:

If you have a problem with your computing device and can’t get any joy from the company who supplied it to you (and that includes them quoting exorbitant costs or trying to fob you off with ... “it can’t be mended” - which could be one and the same thing - then a number of members of U3A have used the services of “We’ll Fix Your PC” who are based in Llanishen.

To date, I’m not aware of any bad experiences and only glowing recommendations. Neil (the owner) will handle your problem sympathetically and very patiently and will not (as far as I’m aware) charge you for assessing what the problem is. A recent case in point was an “all-in-one” PC that was assessed as irreparable by a high-street chain and diagnosed as a failed hard-disk that could not be replaced - because the manufacturers website “said so” - and it was less than 4 years old!! A trip up to Llanishen found the problem to be a software problem which was quickly fixed and our U3A member saved themselves well over £1000 on a replacement machine!

So consider giving “We’ll Fix your PC" a visit when you have problems with your PC, Mac, iPad or Tablet. Their website is - https://wewillfixyourpc.co.uk


Gardening Mentors Required

Llanishen High School are looking for volunteers to mentor students in their new Carbon Neutral Garden. The two underlying principles are sustainability and offering students the opportunity to experience growing, cooking and eating their own food. It is planned to offer qualifications for interested students to aspire to. Volunteer roles will be facilitating the above by mentoring, advising, and occasionally getting hands dirty!

It is anticipated that each volunteer will commit to a few hours per fortnight according to a rota managed by one of the volunteers. Any additional time will be more than welcome as there will be tons to do.

Contact nigerichardsgov@gmail.com