Of Interest

This page contains items of possible interest to members. They are derived from contacts received by Cardiff U3A from other organisations or individuals who are seeking to advertise or to gain assistance. The Cardiff U3A in no way endorses or recommends any of these items.

Online Volunteering Opportunities

Two websites which provide an opportunity to help charities etc without leaving your sofa.


uses expertise from people to help identify objects etc. A person will send in a picture and ask people if they can identify it (these can for instance be children in a class in a third world country who want advice where the teacher does not have the answer) One area they are short of expertise is identifying star constellations. My daughter has been counting beluga whales seen in the sea in a certain area...the results of which will be used by conservationists


uses you to identify features from photographs to inform aid agencies to classify areas where there is no map detail, for instance from a photograph Identifying all buildings seen in an area. If there is a natural disaster in the area aid agencies will know if the area was inhabited and approximate how many people were there

Both websites explain exactly what is wanted.

Computer Users : from information provided by a member of the Computer Group:

If you have a problem with your computing device and can’t get any joy from the company who supplied it to you (and that includes them quoting exorbitant costs or trying to fob you off with ... “it can’t be mended” - which could be one and the same thing - then a number of members of U3A have used the services of “We’ll Fix Your PC” who are based in Llanishen.

To date, I’m not aware of any bad experiences and only glowing recommendations. Neil (the owner) will handle your problem sympathetically and very patiently and will not (as far as I’m aware) charge you for assessing what the problem is. A recent case in point was an “all-in-one” PC that was assessed as irreparable by a high-street chain and diagnosed as a failed hard-disk that could not be replaced - because the manufacturers website “said so” - and it was less than 4 years old!! A trip up to Llanishen found the problem to be a software problem which was quickly fixed and our U3A member saved themselves well over £1000 on a replacement machine!

So consider giving “We’ll Fix your PC" a visit when you have problems with your PC, Mac, iPad or Tablet. Their website is - https://wewillfixyourpc.co.uk